There may be trouble ahead

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    Posted on 22nd October 2018 by Professor David Smythe Cuadrilla finally started fracking of the UK’s first horizontal shale well,  Preston New Road-1z, Lancashire, on 16 October 2018. Very small tremors were immediately registered on the monitoring network set up by the … Read More

Direct Action and the British State

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3 Oct, 2018 by Craig Murray The draconian sentencing to jail of anti-fracking activists for non-violent direct action has received insufficient attention. It is a confident state that can undertake to bring back a level of repression not seen for … Read More


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LET COMMUNITIES DECIDE CAMPAIGN If you haven’t heard, the Government is considering allowing exploratory drilling and well testing to fall under the remit of “permitted development”. As in most planning terminology it is not the most exciting phrase, but it … Read More

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