Labour MP tells anti-fracking marchers: ‘You are not alone’

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The Bolsolver MP, Dennis Skinner, told several hundred anti-fracking campaigners at a rally in Derbyshire that the Labour Party was behind them.

In the keynote speech, Mr Skinner said:

“You are not acting in isolation. Opposition to fracking is Labour Party policy.”

Mr Skinner called on the parliamentary Labour Party to get behind the anti-fracking movement. He said:

“When Jeremy Corbyn comes up here we want him talking about action against fracking.

“We have to make sure that every Labour MP understands that this is Labour Party policy. They should all be shouting it from the roof tops.”


Dennis Skinner MP speaking at a rally at Bolsover, 24 February

The Not for Shale rally in Bolsover followed a five-mile march from the neighbouring villages of Clowne and Shuttlewood.

The area is covered by exploration licences held by INEOS Shale.

The company has been conducting seismic testing east of Bolsover area. It has submitted three planning applications for shale gas wells in north east Derbyshire and Rotherham. Two of the applications are to be decided at public inquiries.

Mr Skinner said the campaigners at today’s event “represented hundreds of people in the north Derbyshire and south Yorkshire coalfield”.

But he said:

“We are not just speaking for people in north Derbyshire and the surrounding area. We are voicing the opinions of most of the people of Britain.

“There are thousands of people who are going to be affected by fracking.

“If we put a stop to this here we will be putting a stop to it in the whole of Britain.

“I will be opposing fracking not just in these towns and villages but everywhere in Britain.”


Thanks to DrillorDrop, Feb 24th 2018

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