INEOS seeks environmental permit for Derbyshire shale site

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INEOS Shale has submitted an application for a mining waste permit for its proposed gas exploration site in the village of Marsh Lane in north east Derbyshire.

The company has already applied to Derbyshire County Council for planning permission for the vertical well at the site at Bramleymoor Lane. The plans do not include fracking. More details

The permit application is being considered by the Environment Agency. Work cannot go ahead until the site has both planning permission and the permit consent

INEOS said in the application it considered the environmental risk from the well to be “very low”.

The company added:

“INEOS Shale will take all necessary measures to prevent or reduce waste production and its harmfulness, to encourage the recovery of extractive waste by means of recycling, reusing or reclaiming such waste, where this is environmentally sound and ensure short and longterm safe disposal of the extractive waste.”

The application covers the management of extractive waste from drilling, coring and testing the proposed vertical well.

It lists the following waste that is likely to be produced at the site:

Spent drilling mud
Drill cuttings
Spent spacer fluid
Spent suspension fluid
Cement returns
Produced and or formation water
INEOS said there would be no treatment or disposal of extractive wastes on the site surface, other than screening and separating drill cuttings, spacer fluids, drilling fluids and mud.

If approved, the development would have up to five stages.

Stage 1: Site Development and Establishment – approximately 3 months
Stage 2: Drilling and Coring – approximately 3 months
Stage 3: Maintenance of the Suspended Well Site – within the 5 years lifetime of the site
Stage 3a: Possible Workover of the Suspended Well – up to 1 month
Stage 4: Use of the Well as Listening Well– approximately 3 weeks
Stage 5: Decommissioning and Restoration – approximately 2 months.
The proposals have attracted opposition in Marsh Lane and surrounding villages.

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