Recycling accolade for KM Protection Camp

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Letter in todays Yorkshire Post

Proud of camp members acting for community

From: Terry Walls, Yorkshire Party member, Driffield.

Christopher Pickles letter (The Yorkshire Post, March 16) made some powerful points in response to Lord Ridley’s letter. The Yorkshire Party has a policy that decisions on the future of energy production in Yorkshire should be done openly and in full consultation with the communities that will be most affected. The Party supports the banning of fracking in favour of investment in renewable technologies and developing green energy solutions in cooperation with local communities.

In accordance with these policies a group of Party members visited the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp recently and were warmly welcomed by the camp members, the majority of whom were from Yorkshire. They were delighted to give us a tour of the camp and it was particularly pleasing to note the extent of recycling being undertaken and the use of solar energy to power such 21st century necessities as smartphones. Whilst we were there local residents arrived with stocks of bottled water as well as foodstuffs. They were swapped for empties and other items for recycling. This is clearly a case of Yorkshire people acting on behalf of the local community, despite the hardships of camp life that they are having to face. We felt proud of them.

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