Joe and Eddie: A chat about activism and peaceful direct protest

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A brilliant, informative 12 minute filmed interview by Jon O’Houston with Joe and Eddie from the Kirby Misperton camp in Yorks, who undertook a recent 9 hour direct action protest at the Preston New Road site in Lancs. Eddie, the “accidental activist” (this was his first direct action protest) says he hoped this would inspire others but he also “wanted to take the fear out” of protest – along with the time he spent in the police cells after it – “so that everyone would engage” – particularly in his own threatened community – to resist fracking. Joe says: “The only way to stop this industry is at every level”, including direct action protest. “Everyone who stands up empowers someone else…whether it’s Brockham…Leith Hill… we’re fighting the same cause.” Many thanks to Joe and Eddie for their action – and to Jono whose brilliant short film enables us all to receive Joe and Eddie’s message. Please watch and share.

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